Navien Tankless Water Heaters

Navien water heaters have become very popular over the years. Due to their condensing and tankless technology, they have become a sort of sensation when it comes to efficient water heating. In addition to this, they also have a large variety of benefits ranging from lowering energy consumption and operational costs to lowering pollution, extreme comfort and reliability.

Generally, Navien tankless water heaters can be found in two categories, the NR and the NPE, both of them we cover at The NR has been designed specifically for domestic and hydronic water heating. NPE on the other hand is just for water heating.

The NR series may be further categorized into Navien NCB series and Navien NR series. These NCB gas boilers come in three sizes, namely the NCB-240, NCB-210 and the NCB-180. These gas boilers are covered with a warranty of ten years against heat exchanger leaking. They may operate as single units, though if combined, you can link up to 15 units in a home where there is a very high demand for hot water.  However, if you are not interested in NCB series, you could always go for NR series products such as the NR-180, NR-210 and the NR-240.

The second category of Navien tankless water heaters is the Navien NPE series. These water heaters are usually unique because of their high energy efficiency. They can also utilize your resident gas line. They have a variety of benefits over the NR series due to the fact that they have preheating technology which enables showers to be much more comfortable since they recognize your usage pattern for hot water.

There are many merits to using Navien tankless water heaters. First of all, they offer high quality, and efficient water heating in two stainless heat exchangers. This is not the case for other manufacturers. Most other brands usually have one primary heat exchanger made of copper and another SS heat exchanger. As a result of this design, the heater gets full protection from the acidic environment and its destructive nature.

Another great thing about Navien water heaters is the fact that they provide instantaneous heating and supply. By applying the pump and a mini buffer tank to their system, this heater can provide you with hot water instantaneously. No minimum water flow rate is required, making it quite comfortable.

In addition, these heaters come equipped with remote control. This remote control is not only very convenient to use and change the temperature, it is also smart for provision of information about issues through error codes.